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Question of the Day: Should I stop my Acne medication?

Question Of The Day!    Latif asks: should I stop my isotretinoin?   Disclaimer: if you are on any prescribed medications, speak to your doctor before you start/stop anything.   Isotretinoin better known under the guise of Roaccutane, Oratane, Accutane etc… it’s a wonder for severe cystic acne and many other skin conditions.   What […]

You’ve taken a fall and now you’ve got scars to show Q: What’s the best scar treatment?

This question comes from Iman who asks what scar creams are available apart from Vitamin E and Silicone? This is an age old question and surprisingly it’s still a new field of dermatology that is yet to be revolutionized. We’re still using old technology from the 70s aka the humble silicone gel sheets. But that’s […]

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