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Sleep Apnoea: the snorer’s risk

Think snoring was just a harmless nuisance? Think again. Snoring is one possible sign of sleep apnoea (in Greek apnoia means ‘breathless’): a condition where you can stop breathing for anywhere between 10 seconds up to 1 minute! Why should you care if you or your partner snores? Imagine holding your breath for a minute…….doable but not […]

First Impressions Matter!

Do first impressions count? A whiter smile can often make the difference..or so the ads say….find out in this episode with pharmacist, Vien, as he meets folks within our community. In this funny episode-we call it “edu-tainment”-Vien gets behind the scenes of next door’s dental centre. Safa is a tour guide/practice manager and Rami shares […]

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