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Daily Dose Ep48: A Common Side Effect Of Antidepressants

My of my customers asked how to manage the drowsiness associated with his Prozac. I share generic advice for all from timing of the dose, conflicting drugs, grace period, dosage and finally cap off with lifestyle advice to improve one’s mood and well being: getting sunshine, posture, exercise, judicious use of caffeine etc… Enjoy  

WOTOI: Social media and Depression. Is there a link?

WOTOI (Whats Our Take On It) is a layperson’s plain English interpretation of medical journals found online. This one is going to be unique because I look at TWO journals and give my thoughts and opinions. The journals are: Online and Social Networking Interventions for the Treatment of Depression in Young People:A Systematic Review, 2014, […]

The Blues-Depression

If you missed it…our previous blog was on Autism in Young Children. Read the story at: Brainy Kids Also as part of Brain Week we’re going to explore mental health. Specifically, Depression.  Everyday life is a frenetic rush for most of us readers. Getting errands done, picking up the kids, checking off our to-dos. Seldom […]

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