Sit in with our holistic-focused pharmacist, Vien, for a discussion about anything that concerns your health. Vien is passionate about gut health, childhood allergies, hormone imbalance, and women’s health.

Functional health is about looking at the whole body mentally, physically, as well as chemically.

Given the right fuel, your body’s own intelligence can heal most diseases-Vien

He has extensive experience with nuanced health concerns so that we can catch things early and nip it in the bud including..

  • Women’s: PCOS, Menopause, PMS
  • Metabolic: Type 2 Diabetes, Thyroiditis
  • Inflammatory Skin inc eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea
  • Paediatric: reflux, eczema, stools, ASD, ADHD

Far from being a regular pharmacy, Canterbury Late Night Pharmacy stocks only premium grade supplements including brands like Metagenics, BioCeuticals, Eagle, Nordic Naturals, and MedLab meaning you have greater choice and more confidence in your health decisions.