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The Friday Tune Up Ep.2

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Friday, August 21st 2020

My current health hack –

While not quite a health hack in the strictest terms, I’m quite enjoying another new app right now called DuoLingo. Available on Google Play or App Store I’m trying to learn Chinese-Mandarin again for like the 99th time but this app have stick-a-bility. It reminds me each day to give it a go and I do the fun gamified lessons for about 10 mins and call it a night. I like that it’s there on my iPhone within armsreach so no messing around with pen or notepads or chunky dictionaries. To me it’s all about the habit and if it’s a good habit, then it’ll have knock-on effects on other aspects of my life too like health, wealth, relationships and happiness.

New dish of the week –

Tonight I swung by my fiancee’s grandma for Banh Canh, a thick cut rice noodle in a thick chicken broth, chicken pieces, garnished with fried garlic bits and shallots. Comfort food at it’s best. To top it all off, the noodles were freshly handmade a few hours earlier. Considering the cold front that’s hitting much of NSW this weekend, I was super grateful!

What I’m watching on Netflix –

Drive to Survive a documentary about Formula 1 racing. As a kid growing up I was fascinated by fast cars, reading NRMA’s Roadside magazine each quarter. Although not a rev-head in the traditional sense, I came to like Formula 1 for all the high tech it involved. Netflix now lets you in behind the scenes as it follows predominantly two underdog teams: Red-Bull Racing and HASS USA during the 2019 season. The visuals are stunning, the sound is legit, and the struggle in real for these underdogs. I’m personally cheering on our Aussie boy: Daniel Riccardo 

Quote of the week –

“Faster is the scariest word in the world” Gary Vaynerchuck

On having patience to execute the daily menial tasks, so that you can achieve later live on your terms. Gary is like a virtual mentor to me. Bit of context: he was born in Belarus (former Soviet Union), his parents immigrated to America, he helped in his Dad’s liquor store for all of his 20s and now at 43yo he is a leader in the marketting space. More importantly, his legacy is to show impressionable young men (think myself) that success = happiness. To not be misled by all the glamour of entrepreneur land ie jets, bling, girls, champagne. I’ve been pondering a lot this last week about my definition of success. I used to want to become a millionaire but I dont think I have the ambition to get me there. Doing what I love ie. helping others with their health challenges and seeing that AHA moment makes me joyful. What’s yours?

What I’m reading –

The Greatest Salesman In the World, by Og Mandino. A tiny book written in parable form which brought me to tears right at chapter two. It’s about a young sheep herder boy who is working for a wealthy merchant in modern day Damascas whom suddenly is overcome with ambition to become rich to marry the girl of his dreams. I love the simplicity of the tale and the moral of the story at the end of each chapter is worth it’s weight in gold. Currently I’m reading it exactly as prescribed ie. each chapter three times a day for 30days before moving onto the next chapter. It sounds cheesy but it’s a habit thing like I mentioned earlier.  Results thus far? Better reading habits, meal prep habits, gym habits. For most that’s a gamechanger.

Hope you enjoyed that one! xoxo Vien 

PS. Remember to rug up guys, it’s a windy one in Sydney this weekend!

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The Friday Tune Up Ep.1


Cover Image

Welcome to the blog version of our new podcast titled The Friday Tune Up (click for audio)

We talk: health hacks, books, films, food, and favourite quote of the week!

In bite-sized form, here we go!

My current health hack –

The Fitbod app Available from App Store

Ever gone to the gym wondering what today’s workout should be? Wonder no more! Using smart algorithms, this app will track which muscles are sore from your last exercise and target fresh muscles for your next session. It’ll even give you count-down timers for break time so you don’t slack off too long on social media. My work outs before the app were approx 1hr or more, nowdays I can smash out a full workout in 46 miuntes.

New restaurant I dined at –

So earlier this week my fiance and I had the pleasure of taking our good customer-turn-friend, George, to Mr Wong’s in Sydney. A very fancy (but not fine dining) experience at an historical NAB bank building that burned down long ago and retrofitted with georgous decor, a vintage vibe with old wooden beams and low lit light making you feel like you’re in a gangster’s Chinese restaurant straight out of a James Bond film! Peking Duck Pancakes are a must try; everything else you can save your money for your local diner lol.

What I’m watching on Netflix –

Dr Sleep, the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. I gotta say I was never a fan of thriller until meeting my fiance. I realise most of them have pyschotic wives chasing their cheating husbands with knives in hand (Girl On Train, Gone Girl). But King keeps you guessing at every twist of the plot and I’ve come to enjoy his storytelling. Long film but will have you on the edge of your seat!

Quote of the week –

“If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same.”― Rudyard Kipling from his full poem

What I learned here was a man whose luck in life was up and down, from loss of his daughter due to pneumonia, to winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, to the loss of his son in WW1…Life is tough, keeping an even keel helps. I’m forced to remind myself of this when I have difficult customers (embarassingly).

What I’m reading –

Currently reading Tour de France 7x winner, Lance Armstrong’s biography: It’s Not about the Bike: My Journey Back to Life Good Reads

Here’s a man who obviously went through a lot: growing up as a loser kid, proving himself on a bicycle, topping his sport, and getting taken down by scandal at the end of his career. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m halfway through the book and it’s detailing his battle against testicular cancer. Cancer of the balls-enough to decimate the manliest of men. Most people die. He’s survived it out of sheer force of his will to live, determination to seek the best doctors, getting second and third opinions when others casts doubt on his chances. For that alone it’s worth a read.

Hope you enjoyed the very first episode! xoxo Smiling Pharmacist Vien