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Hand Foot Mouth disease

This is a condition that I personally have had but never really thought twice about until I saw it first-hand in the pharmacy. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease! Sounds terrible. In reality not so! What is it? An infection caused by the: coxsackievirus How did I catch it? chances are you (or your child) walked […]

Nail Care for Men

If you’re a woman you probably can skip this whole article. But for us men, read on for the essential nail care! My promise is I’m not going to bog you down with products and laborious routines. So basically I had a wife come ask about her husband’s problem nail… It had broken off almost […]

Question of the Day: Should I stop my Acne medication?

Question Of The Day!    Latif asks: should I stop my isotretinoin?   Disclaimer: if you are on any prescribed medications, speak to your doctor before you start/stop anything.   Isotretinoin better known under the guise of Roaccutane, Oratane, Accutane etc… it’s a wonder for severe cystic acne and many other skin conditions.   What […]

You’ve taken a fall and now you’ve got scars to show Q: What’s the best scar treatment?

This question comes from Iman who asks what scar creams are available apart from Vitamin E and Silicone? This is an age old question and surprisingly it’s still a new field of dermatology that is yet to be revolutionized. We’re still using old technology from the 70s aka the humble silicone gel sheets. But that’s […]

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