Gang of Cysts (Ganglion Cysts)

*That aforementioned word-root is inaccurate* In fact I don't know why ganglion is part of the name and even went to the urban dictionary in vain Ganglion cysts are benign (harmless) lumps of lubricating fluid found around joints (think moving parts) like hands, wrists, knees, ankles, and feet. Believed to occur as a response to … Continue reading Gang of Cysts (Ganglion Cysts)

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in Men

UTIs are a common occurence in women but what about men? Young men are 30x less likely to suffer this problem but as men age past 50, the occurance rates catch up to that of women. In fact a UTI in men is viewed at more seriously than if it were in women purely based … Continue reading Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in Men

Hand Foot Mouth disease

This is a condition that I personally have had but never really thought twice about until I saw it first-hand in the pharmacy. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease! Sounds terrible. In reality not so! What is it? An infection caused by the: coxsackievirus How did I catch it? chances are you (or your child) walked … Continue reading Hand Foot Mouth disease

Nail Care for Men

If you're a woman you probably can skip this whole article. But for us men, read on for the essential nail care! My promise is I'm not going to bog you down with products and laborious routines. So basically I had a wife come ask about her husband's problem nail... It had broken off almost … Continue reading Nail Care for Men

GERD: Gastro Eosophageal Reflux Disease

Today we had a customer with chest pains complaining that it wouldn't go away.. Handing me two scripts: one for Gaviscon and another for Somac...I put on my detective hat and asked her about any history of stomach issues starting with the questions: Do you think this is related to any foods you eat? (No … Continue reading GERD: Gastro Eosophageal Reflux Disease

Constipation: How to fix chronic constipation

The following is the script to the podcast : Young lady suffering a slow tract for 5 yrs...holddd up! what's a slow tract i hear you say! it's when you cant shit! A simple test: what you eat generally exits within 2 days..if it takes 3 or more days to've got a slow … Continue reading Constipation: How to fix chronic constipation

Question of the Day: Should I stop my Acne medication?

Question Of The Day!    Latif asks: should I stop my isotretinoin?   Disclaimer: if you are on any prescribed medications, speak to your doctor before you start/stop anything.   Isotretinoin better known under the guise of Roaccutane, Oratane, Accutane etc... it's a wonder for severe cystic acne and many other skin conditions.   What … Continue reading Question of the Day: Should I stop my Acne medication?

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)-Does it actually do anything?

"One might think that fresh lemons and limes and raw organic apple cider vinegar are acidic, but they actually become alkaline when consumed." What a non-sensical claim! Before I get into the details of this, I'd like to say that after spending almost 12hours looking at material online regarding apple cider vinegar (ACV), I haven't … Continue reading Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)-Does it actually do anything?

Spinning out-You too have Vertigo?

Dim asks: "I have vertigo, what medications are available apart from Serc (betahistine)?" *Couple of scrap notes from my research on Vertigo.. Almost 25% of the elderly have dizziness lasting more than one month. Targets for therapy: hallucination alleviated through vestibular suppressants eg anticholingerics, benzodiazepines, or antihistamines Nausea and vomiting plus anxiety alleviated through antidepressants Enhance … Continue reading Spinning out-You too have Vertigo?

Weight Loss with Saxenda

Today's blog post is brought to you by one of our female customers who is struggling to lose extra flab around the belly. Sound familiar? Well to make matters worse for this lady she has PCOS aka Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. It's a terrible cluster of issues leading to: irregular periods or none at all … Continue reading Weight Loss with Saxenda

You’ve taken a fall and now you’ve got scars to show Q: What’s the best scar treatment?

This question comes from Iman who asks what scar creams are available apart from Vitamin E and Silicone? This is an age old question and surprisingly it's still a new field of dermatology that is yet to be revolutionized. We're still using old technology from the 70s aka the humble silicone gel sheets. But that's … Continue reading You’ve taken a fall and now you’ve got scars to show Q: What’s the best scar treatment?

Sleep Apnea in a Young Asian Male

We had a lovely friend, Steve swing by recently to trial our CPAP machines for sleep apnea... Strange thing is....he looks perfectly healthy! Lean and in shape Doesn't smoke Doesn't drink Doesn't have heart conditions He does however complain of sleep anpea tiredness and him and his dad both snore the house down! Considering all … Continue reading Sleep Apnea in a Young Asian Male