Weight Loss with Saxenda

Today's blog post is brought to you by one of our female customers who is struggling to lose extra flab around the belly. Sound familiar? Well to make matters worse for this lady she has PCOS aka Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. It's a terrible cluster of issues leading to: irregular periods or none at all … Continue reading Weight Loss with Saxenda

You’ve taken a fall and now you’ve got scars to show Q: What’s the best scar treatment?

This question comes from Iman who asks what scar creams are available apart from Vitamin E and Silicone? This is an age old question and surprisingly it's still a new field of dermatology that is yet to be revolutionized. We're still using old technology from the 70s aka the humble silicone gel sheets. But that's … Continue reading You’ve taken a fall and now you’ve got scars to show Q: What’s the best scar treatment?

Recognizing Signs of Asthma Attacks

https://youtu.be/VVugQM_xi5s   The reason some children suffer asthma and not others isn’t 100% clear but its partly genetics. Of course this shouldn’t cramp your child’s playtime! Speak to your doctor about safe and effective medications tailored just to your child’s needs and remember to write up an asthma action plan-a simple step by step guide … Continue reading Recognizing Signs of Asthma Attacks

Your baby lacks Vitamin D from the Breast

https://youtu.be/yr1LCDYmzaE Did you know that babies cannot rely on breast milk to get sufficient vitamin D for their growing bones? Instead they get Vitamin D through the maternal blood supply-which if low, means your baby is born low. It's the reason why doctors frequently check Vitamin D levels and why IVF mums get put on … Continue reading Your baby lacks Vitamin D from the Breast

Kid’s Hives: the most frequent concern among Young Parents

https://youtu.be/ZCSZJx-lMck The most common issue I see in pharmacy no matter where I work is hives aka rashes-both in kids and adults. It's the freakiest thing-to see your kid's skin angry and red, blotchy and spread. In the video above I'm gonna share my personal experience with never before seen photos of my hives. I'll … Continue reading Kid’s Hives: the most frequent concern among Young Parents

What if you COULD will away disease?

I was reading the book: Learned Optimism by world renown psychologist, Dr. Martin Seligman and he thinks you CAN improve your health just through changing the thoughts and feelings you have when you encounter failure and challenge. Known as the father of positive psychology, Dr. Martin and his colleagues found that optimists live longer, experience … Continue reading What if you COULD will away disease?

5 Quick Hacks to Soothe your Baby’s Teething

They always said your baby would grow up fast. Who knew teething would be one of the headache milestones. Fun fact: adults have up to 32 teeth! That's 32x the fun lols Growing teeth is a gradual process and as parents it's good to note that signs and symptoms and start up to one month … Continue reading 5 Quick Hacks to Soothe your Baby’s Teething

Sleep Apnoea: the snorer’s risk

Think snoring was just a harmless nuisance? Think again. Snoring is one possible sign of sleep apnoea (in Greek apnoia means ‘breathless’): a condition where you can stop breathing for anywhere between 10 seconds up to 1 minute! Why should you care if you or your partner snores? Imagine holding your breath for a minute.......doable but not … Continue reading Sleep Apnoea: the snorer’s risk

Nurturing our children’s courageous curiosity

Is dinner time still family time at your household? Or are your kids glued to an iPad whilst mum and dad chit chat the day's events or themselves watch TV? What is this digital revolution doing to our kids? Should we hand iPads to kids during their tender years? Does all these use of technology … Continue reading Nurturing our children’s courageous curiosity

Sunscreens: the down-low

After a mother came into the pharmacy to ask about how effective MooGoo SPF 15 sunscreen+moisteriser is for her baby...I took to research journal articles on Google Scholar to get at an answer! Honestly, I came out with more questions than answers.. lols. Photo credit: http://www.womenshealthmag.com   First some basic terminology: SPF = Sun Protection Factor....the … Continue reading Sunscreens: the down-low