About Us

The Story:

CLNP started in Dec 2016 just before Xmas. The shop had been closed for a few months as the previous owner had to vacate. Brave as she is, Nina, a young mum with two kids, decided she’d go all in with her dream of owning a pharmacy.

Now in Month 3, it’s quietly making inroads within the community. Word of mouth is our drug of choice 😉 and our journey is just starting. Struggles were there. Setting up accounts, getting the right staff, product ranging etc…Nina is there 7 days a week so you can imagine the stress on her work-life balance. But the momentum is picking up and systems are in place.

Being a small business, we strive to provide the best service in our community. Feedback is most welcome-Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews are appreciated and help us improve daily.


The CLNP Team