(Far by it for me to comment, alas we proceed to amuse)

Inspiration from this first chapter led me to believe that successful people – be there in the arena of health, wealth, love or happiness – are succesful because they operate at a higher level MENTALLY. My musings are as follows

This morning I walked past a wealthy home, it looked this way because of it’s sheer size and corner block. As the gates to the drive way rolls open I saw an super expensive Mercedes G wagon and a McClaren roll out for Mother’s Day presumably. It got me thinking, these guys are also Vietnamese (I briefly overheard them) and yet they MUST be living on a different planet than I.

I caught myself in the act and said wait hold up Vien, millions of people would kill to have what you have already: a nice car, nice home, safe neighbourhood, fresh food on the dinner table etc….right. But I decided to run a thought experiment. Are these people really on a different planet?

No. They tread the same footpaths, drive the same streets, enjoy the same coffee, the same parks, as you can see, the public amenities are the same. But surely they shop at boutique retailers, get treated a little different there, enjoy back-stage passes to theatres etc….and not to mention dress in the finest clothes, their kids attend the prestigious schools etc….

It made me think, no that’s all in the visual sphere…what we see externally. What really is the difference then? I figured it must be this mental gap. They perceive the same physical world, but their response is on another level. Take wealth, in business where others see struggles, they might perceive abundance and opportunity. Take health: where others see calorie counting, they see their end goal. Take relationships, where others see Me Me Me…they see, how can I offer value here? love? Compassion? Take happiness, where others see misery, they see themselves are captains of their mental sphere…..in gloomy situations they see the silver lining…where others see helplessness, they see a mental world where they are free to exercise their agency.

It’s like going from mono to colour, 2D to 7D.

I realise this post as gone off the beaten path by a million miles…but I really do think to myself..gosh how can this be applied to health….if the weather sucked outside, the mental talk would be, lets skip gym. Let’s WFM. If you had a shitty day at work, you’d drive past those fast food stores on the way home thinking, that’d would be comfort food…You could just forget about what had transpired. If you’d just had a fight with your loved one, all you’d wanna do is drown your worries in a good film, or if you were feeling uninspired, you might grab a beer and turn on Netflix. I’m guilty of all of this. That’s ME I’m describing! Now think about the compounding effect of all these different arenas on my health: skipping gym (arena: health, external stimuli: weather), fast food (arena: wealth, external stimuli: the Golden Arches), lounge over a film (arena: relationships, stimuli: an argument) and drink beer (arena: happiness, external stimuli: boredom). It’s easy to see why things can get way out of hand for myself personally!

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