Do you ever take quick-fixes knowing deep down something still isn’t quite right? Health is very much the prototypical case

Modern Medicine is so good now at diagnosing and treating diseases but have neglected the root causes oftentimes. *I’m guilty as charged*

Take my hayfever for instance: the runny nose, congestion, mucus and post-nasal drip. All treatable with an antihistamine tablet or steroid nasal spray. But if the root causes aren’t fixed, have you ever noticed that the drug “stopped working”?

It started two days ago when I was too dehydrated (salty chips, caffeine, sweet potato dipped in salt) which gave me a mouth ulcer, compounded by the next day’s adventures (further coffee, take-out, popcorn and frozen Coke at the cinema) which I now refer to as allergies. In fact, I am NOT allergic in the strict sense to any foods or chemicals. However I am sensitive to MSG often in soy sauce, lactose in dairy, and sodium (table salt). See I’ve neglected to care for the nutrition pillar of health and it’s slapping me in the face with symptoms telling me to STOP! 

What are the pillars of health IMO

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Stress reduction (e.g. sauna, massage, cold therapy)
  4. Sleep
  5. Mental Care (e.g. music, friends, meditation, comedy) 

If I were to continue down this masochistic path, I would start getting constipated (actually already am because of the dehydration), next up would be headaches (others get migraines; because of the dehyration and loss of magnesium), then hives (welts) all over my body (because the immune system is now kicked into gear). Then a pharmacist or doctor would say: you’re allergic, we don’t know what to, but here’s some steroid tablets. Bye! Then you’d get better for a few days, and the cycle repeats next time you eat…

Q. Which pillar of health are you neglecting? 

Q. What are the root causes for your surface symptoms?

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