Even I was shocked. Bowel cancer striking younger and younger age groups.

But then a quick look at our modern living and I wasn’t surprised anymore. Even though we have gyms 24/7 on each block, and convenient supermarkets, we’re ironically starved for health. Why? Lots of reasons: simply the foods we eat aren’t as nutritious, they’re more processed meaning no nutritions are left inside; shift work means we’re going against Nature and our body clocks, and metabolism; cities leave their lights on at night so the inducement to stay up late and go for a Maccas run in prevalent; etc etc

Personal responsibility for our health not relying on Medicare or MedicAid is key. Because when it’s too late, it’s too late as doctors will say: time for the big guns: pharmaceuticals and drastic surgery. All footed by taxpayers of course. Now I dont hear people complaining if a person neglects their health for decades and ending up in hospital that they should pay up, but I hear cries for the unvaccinated to foot their own bill. Very low level thinking.

With the Australian Federal elections nearing, we all can make our small impact for the greater good of our Lucky Country.

So what’s the solution for rising rates of bowel cancer? My personal favourite is simply eating more fibrous vegetables like lentils, beans, broccoli…basically anything that requires lots of chewing! Including apples. My 1-Wipe Diet is based around regular bowel motions and the key is fibre and water

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