Everyday I’m humbled by new emerging science. Nothing is set in concrete. Take gout – a disease we thought was due to high uric acid levels and not much to concern oneself about.

Now we know that high uric acid levels also produce hypertension aka high blood pressure. Studies show that when we block uric acid with a drug like allopurinol, our hypertension drops! Truly amazing! Not this isn’t to say we all go on gout meds.

Far from it, we can you to get to the core issues: fructose in your diet! See fructose is like sucrose, table sugar. But our body has a harder time digesting it. Its found in almost everything we eat…so avoid everything! kidding. We want to avoid the purified, sterilised, machanized version called high-fructose-corn-syrup that is used as a food sweetener by Big Food e.g. soft drinks, flavoured yoghurt, burgers, apple pies, ketchup (I like the American sound), and even salad dressings!

While also found in fruits e.g. cherries, oranges, blueberries and vegetables like broccoli, leek, tomatoes…we’re actually advocating you continue to eat these whole (not processed e.g. orange juice) for their beneficial fibre which slows down the negative impact of their naturally occurring fructose, and for their beneficial millions of phyto(plant)nutrients like quercetin (antioxidant), vitamin C (antioxidant), and Luteolin.

A study out of Britain demonstrates that 500 milligrams of quercetin a day in just two weeks is associated with an 8% lowering of uric acid…on par with the pharmaceutical allopurinol-Dr. David Perlmutter

Uric acid may be so important, that Dr Mark Hyman and Dr David Perlmutter rank it alongside insulin resistance and inflammation as the leading contributors to metabolic disease like diabetes, heart diseases like heart failure, heart attacks, angina, cholesterol in arteries, polycystic ovaries (PCOS) etc…

All in all, try to eat a rainbow diet….

PS. I’ve got a Diet called the 1-Wipe Diet …. you’ll know when you’ve eaten sufficient fibre….one wipe! To this cause I’m rallying around me a 1-Wipe Nation of followers (not to be confused with Pauline Hansen’s platform). Visit me in-store to learn more! In essence: if you’ve got diarrhoea, bulk up with more fibre…if you’ve got rabbit pellets (constipated), have more water. The happy medium is when you have smooth snakes or fat submarines in the toilet bowl – 1 Wipe!



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