Couple Keys for Successful Weight Loss

1) Emotional WIllpower
2) Old School
3) Intermittent Fast
4) How your Plate could look

Emotional willpower can’t be relied upon! AFter a hard slog at work, you’re MORE likely to stopover at Maccas. Answer here is to be prepared…my experience is packing my dinners cos I do late shifts. I used to stop at 2am for a Double Quarter Pounder Meal – my weakness!

Old School means our body is thousands of years old (remember them Ancient Greeks?) so we don’t need too many fancy gadgets…just focus on the 20% that give 80% of the results: walking 10,000 steps a day cos we’re bipedal with hips unlike many mammals….we can walk walk walk walk walk without really tiring…sleep 8 hrs…trying to hack this is a fool’s errand – the Sun and Moon cycles are even older than man… whatever the heck is seasonal, cos it’s not like we have fresh strawberrries year-round. Further to this, do intermittent fasts…sometimes you’ll be busy and have to skip breakfast….treat it like a fast…don’t even rely on the coffee and milk…just water till lunch time. It’s good for internal housecleanup crew. Less congestion there is for them, quicker you repair damaged cells and renew.

Your plate roughly half fibre (think vegetables), quarter white carbs (rice, potatoes, bread), quarter protein. If you’ve got any insulin related diseases like diabetes, PCOS, thyroid…then go even less white carbs. But you don’t have to deprive. Those who deprive on diets, end up regaining weight anyway. So what gives. You can’t outsmart your body weight set point. But slowly adopting better lifestyle choices will tell the body, hey this is the new me…for real…and over many many months it’ll adopt a lower/higher set point. Like a setting on the AirCon.

Anyway sorry if I rambled on too long in this video…my forte clearly isn’t video aha

Xoxo Pharmacist “Vee”