Burger Flipper or US Stock Trader….both suffer from shift work BUT who has better health?

Shift workers have long known the consequences of their craft…higher wages for sleep at opposite hours. It’s a conundrum I’ve got here at work…whether to trade till 1am and grab extra foot traffic or call it a day at 9pm

Unfortunately for these two ladies, it’s taken their toll. The one working at McDonald’s is only 17yo yet suffers whole-of-body eczema flare ups that even get into their eyes. She’d fed up with using corticosteroids as they stop working when she stops applying them. And the 30yo stock trader whom wakes at at midnight to eat and trade till 7am whom in the last 30 days got the diagnoses of diabetes and is now on metformin 500mg XR once daily at night. Her fasting sugars were over 10. The latter puts it down to her genetics with her mum and grandma both diabetics.

Who’s got it worst? The younger one whom cannot leave the house without covering up her entire body cos her skin is peeling? Or the stock trader night owl whom is likely on a slippery slope toward dysfunctional ovaries and infertility?

Thankfully, both can radically shift their health for the better with a simple change in routine. Sleeping when the sun sets. Eating during daylight hours. But alas we are dealing with real people here with incomes to make. Ball is in their court.

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