Lots of people are waking to the realization that COVID also has a long tail of symptoms that last anywhere between a few weeks to a few months (up to 7!)

It revolves around yet-to-be-confirmed mechanisms like

  1. direct assault by the virus
  2. indirect damage via inflammation (fire) burning up different parts of your body

So some quick tips for immunity overall!


  1. Wake up to sunrise light and expose skin to 30mins of blue light (solar glory) – Vitamin D from sun is a proven immune booster
  2. Hydrate to lots of water, limit caffeine to 3 cups – wards off mental fatigue
  3. Entertain lots of rainbow vegetables for their phytonutrients – antioxidants which promote healing
  4. Sleep 30mins earlier than usual – rest and repair happens here

Supplements that might help

  • turmeric – anti inflammatory and great for low mood
  • vitamin D – as mentioned earlier
  • omega 3 – anti inflammatory as well
  • B6, B12, folinic acid – helps formation of happy head juices aka neurotransmitters
  • magnesium – anti inflammatory and calms nervous tension in body and mind alike

xoxo Pharmacist Vien