Growing up as a Nerd I would read the back of my cereal box religiously…in hindsight it might have been a touch OCD.

Anyway I got to learn (be brainwashed) by all the wonderful health claims like, low-sugar! Low-GI! If these white CocoPops turn fluoro-green you’ve won! (That was a legit competition) – my mum just laughed when I poured the milk in

So it’s little wonder I’m espousing crappy health advice nowadays! Jokes! But I did notice that somewhere along the years they switched up the Food Pyramid. No longer do they emphasis grains down the bottom, but instead quietly suggest eating a little less of it!

It makes me think that health science is in it’s infancy and we should not accept any science with dogma. Question everything. But when there’s enough facts, make up your own mind as to the matter.