Enquiries: canterburylatenight@gmail.com or visit in-person: 573 Canterbury Rd Campsie NSW (Opp Canterbury Hospital) 🤓 

We’re hiring! Carol our much loved pharmacist of many years has decided to open a new chapter of her life and will be leaving us end of November. We wish her all the best for Xmas and beyond!

Moving forward our business model has done a 180 degree flip from sick-care to health-care. That means functional (fancy word for holistic) health. Treating the person not just the disease.

“The body has a natural intelligence, and when given the right fuel for mind, body, and heart, can self-heal all diseases” is a quote I love to share in this regard.

We look forward to seeing everyone who is keen for growth, carries a growth-mindset, and is hungry!


xoxo Vien