Dear Folks, we are now open Noon to Nine (12 midday-9pm)
As you all appreciate, COVID was stressful and we found ways to adapt to WFM. We found that family time is important. Walking is important….
For our staff and families we’ve realized this too so going forward, we’ll stay open till 9pm 7 days, which is a more reasonable hour and honors our natural body clocks. Let’s face it: shift work is as bad as smoking is on the body.
I know this is going to disappoint some in the community but I’m not here to please everyone. Heck, our prices don’t please everyone! But we’re going to focus on real service and health-care not sick-care, and this is us walking our talk.
I’m going to have way more time in the early afternoons to do 1on1 consults in a more deep and meaningful way (vs the Wham Bang Thank You Mam, here’s your drug, pass the money) Of course if you want the latter, there’s plenty other chemists out there. We’re NOT them!
Anyway I want to end on a high note, and I wanna say much love to each and all of you for being part the journey. We ain’t going nowhere! We’re here to make impact!
Much Love, Vien 🤓