I was interested in why pregnant mothers and even their newborns are dosed up on high strength antibiotics from the get-go. Unfortunately, most countries practise the same thought process: antibiotics to prevent potentially fatal sepsis of the newborn.

But really, what are the odds? Firstly get this: most tests for this culprit (Group B Strep, GBS) aren’t even accurate…and when they are, they don’t mean the baby actually becomes sick from GBS. Up to 30% of mothers have GBS, and in the off-chance your baby catches GBS, it’s a 1-5% chance of causing major issues.

So we have to ask: is this worth it? Is it harming my baby’s microbiome long term? Short term it’s proven to harm the healthy Bifido bacteria. Long term we don’t know yet….

A group of Aussie scientists scanned known articles and found scant evidence to back up the routine use of antibiotics on our wives and babies. Here’s their article from 2017: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1871519217301336

Crazily, GBS is naturally occurring in the gut of women, so why then the issue at childbirth? Perhaps because of our shitty Western type diet that we have GBS in the first place? Would probiotics help? All unanswered questions…food for thought! -Vien