People of late have been asking for one form or another of an immune booster. So I’m just going to list them all out for you!

But….the most under-rated yet most impactful of them all is the probiotic! Why you ask? Isn’t that for gut bacteria? Indeed that’s one function – maintaining a rich diversity of good bacteria to assist digestion while keeping germs at bay.

Where does the immunity live in your body? It’s 70% in the gut – Google GALT. So if its majority in our bowels, we probably want to eat well to nourish these critters (a high fibre diet-think vegetables) but also to consider replacing the critters especially after heavy damage e.g. use of antibiotics, high sugar diets, eating allergens when we know better not for our individual body e.g. dairy, wheat.

Therefore I almost always start my family on a probiotic, before I look at the fancier stuff on this list. This list all up can set you back about $200. If you got dough, go to town. If you’re looking for an all-round immune boost during lockdown, before your vaccination, after your vaccination, for spring allergy season, look no further than a decent probiotic which will be around $25-$50.

Next favourite of mine is the humble Vitamin D. It’s a hormone too, helping to regulate myriad functions not just stronger bones. Immunity particularly. We get it from sunlight. With lockdowns its quite discouraging to go out. So taking it in supplement form is a quick hack. High doses have been found to be quite safe, though AUS-NZ recommends up to 3000IU daily.

If you start any of these supplements, be sure to get it from a reputable brands – you pay for quality. Also speak to your naturopath, pharmacist or doctor before starting anything new as it may clash with your other meds. Stay Strong.