Far too common with all the lockdowns and work-from-home scene.
Here I’m going to share a slow and sure-fire way to treat haemorrhoids for good.
Honestly, this condition generally can be difficult to treat unless you’re prepared to make drastic changes – especially if you’re watching this and have had symptoms for more than a week.
Building up your fibre intake, not so fast that you are doubled over in cramps, is the key here. In this video I’ll show my 3 step process that requires absolutely no medications or visits to the doctor.
The cause for haemorrhoids is often constipation – you’re dried up and backed up! Another cause is doing heavy lifting e.g. dead-lifts at the gym (I doubt many people can use this excuse at the moment). Finally a third reason is what I call “derping on the toilet seat” – you’re sitting there for more than 10 minutes.
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