Yesterday’s Diet is Today’s Poop

Vien have you gone bonkers? Posting Poopoo photos all over social

In a way, I am mad! Lol I’ve started to obsess about my stool, specially how it smells and looks!

WTH! Actually I’ve been testing this diet on myself for the last few months with great success. On the days I make poor choices (ie. we’ve all been there no need to judge) like eating take-out, dropping some chilli sauce with my burger, or dipping my wedges in too much sour cream – I’m lactose intolerant…these are all red flags for my body

Your body will be different. But Mother Nature equipped us all with our own built-in dietician, built-in doctor, built-in pharmacist. See you are what you eat. And you poop what you ate. So it goes without saying that if you crank that head around when you’re in the toilet, you’ll get immediate feedback on whether certain foods are tolerable, or intolerable for your body. Isn’t it amazing?

Here’s some quick hints on how to “read” your poop

-if there’s a foul smell, you’re having too much meat, try more veggies

-if you feel like you’re running out of toilet paper just from wiping, you’re having too many oily foods, go less rich

I’ve many more hints, but these will get you 90% of the way toward a fantastic gut digestion, microbiome, and your neurotransmitters will be singing hallelujah

Want to learn more, easy, watch my stuff on Sapiens Diet across most social media channels but especially my TikTok is exploding now @smilingpharmacist

So! What’s my “soft snake” looking poop suggest today? Well yesterday’s food was just right! No smell, colour was golden, and the shape was elongated snakes. However it was a tad oily – guess why? I’d say the butter on my toast – I love butter but my gut thinks otherwise. Also the chill spice probably didn’t help either. Overall quite happy as the meal simply tasted better with those two additions

Tad oily poop: butter or chilli?