Looking for the next diet? Want to shed the weight? Plotting your comeback body after lock-down?

The wait is over.

Meet the 18hr Sapiens Diet (affectionately called the Poop Diet)

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Q. Did Mother Nature give us a 10-step deck for a Keto Diet?

Q. What about the Atkins diet?

Q. The Primal diet and Intermittent Fasting is as close as it gets..?

No, Mother Nature is her infinite wisdom did not give us any of these diets to track and follow. Thats where my Poop diet rocks

When you do your business in the bathroom, you can see with your eyes the colour and shape of your stool, you can smell with your nose the odour or lack thereof. And from there you can adjust your next meal to better accord with what I’m about to share.

1) smell

2) colour

3) shape

Smell: aim for none

Colour: aim for a golden stool (yellow-brown)

Shape: aim for fat submarines (fat snakes)

If you can hit those three targets, you’re eating well! I might also add the colour of your urine should be straw (pale yellow) as a marker for hydration.

Don’t believe me? Waiting for the sign-up learn more page? Good news, you can do this today! 18hrs later you will see the result. No other diet comes close to the turn around time.

So what if your stool doesn’t accord with the above? Here’s a cheatsheet:

1) smell: strong, foul, musty, eggy? increase your vegetables reduce meats

2) colour: dark brown? Could be beetroots, dark sour dough. red? could be blood – see your doctor. Green? you loaded up on greens but didn’t fully digest them

3) shape: rabbit pellets/beads? constipation, have more water less caffeine; muddy? diarrhoea, avoid spicy foods for the next few days or could be gastro

“the only thing to do, is go to the loo” – #smilingpharmacist

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