Dear folks, as much as we embrace technology..sometimes we hit road blocks….and government red tape is real you better believe…


Electronic scripts are

  • the way of the future
  • fast
  • secure
  • convenient

We we one of the very first to adopt this tech, we bought 3D bar code scanners for this.

Now that the government is requiring necessary and important software updates…we have had to jump through lots of idiot staff at the department whom keep giving us conflicting advice as to how to implement this software update.

I meant how hard can it be right? your iPhone reminds you to update, and you tap a button.

Not with the government, we have to prove our business identity and personal identity and provide certified documents. Fair request you say. I agree.

Nope, we’ve been trying 8 times now since May. It’s mid July now. Each time another dim-wit at the department will say, wrong form, don’t accept digital signatures, you used two different certifiers, re-submit this form, nope re-request that CD (yes, that stands for compact-disc, they’re still posting out CDs for Christ’s sake)….and on and on….


SOOOOOO….we cannot accept your QR codes electronic scripts at this present time….we’re trying hard.