Day 3 of Lockdown in Sydney during COVID-19 and we are seeing lots of chronic dry coughs here at the pharmacy and even at home with my partner.

The key to preventing and treating a dry cough (including a post-viral cough) is the keep the air passages of your nose and throat moist – especially if you’re at home cranking that heater.
Key 1) Inhale lots of warm steam during your shower at night before bed – air at night often cools and also becomes low in moisture which makes sleeping more uncomfortable
Key 2) Switch on the steam vaporizer – cold or hot steam, its a personal choice – get ones that run all night for extended effect. Add your favourite essential oil e.g. lavender and eucalyptus for a calming and clean aroma
Key 3) Drink lots of honey, lemon, tea throughout your day but avoid the tea component at night else you won’t sleep – or go decaf!
Bonus Key 4) Use a manuka honey throat spray from your local chemist. I have one handy right by my counter and whip it out each time my throat feels scratchy and wants me to cough.
Apply these keys and watch that annoying cough go away!
xoxo Vien
*This is general advice only. Speak to your doctor/pharmacist for your personal situation on the appropriateness of this advice. If symptoms persist, see your doctor. A wet/chesty/mucus cough that has a green or yellow colour requires a doctor’s immediate attention.*