Learning how to compost this weekend!
My fiancé reckons my current pile of kitchen scraps is gonna stink up the balcony so time to do this properly! YouTube is amazing for learning stuff by the way aha!
Health starts in the kitchen, detours to the gym or park, and ends over the toilet seat (except if you’re composting that too) – Vien Le Tran
There’s a bit of science to composting…Fun science that the kids will love:
-Compost needs heat to work so winter is tricky
-egg shells offer calcium which helps give plants structure (kind of like strong bones)
-bananas offer minerals
-kitchen waste offers nitrogen (warms the soil)
-regular worms while great at tunnelling aren’t so great for composting
-you need to stir the mix once in a while to promote oxygen breathing bacteria
While I sell drugs, I love promoting natural health too and this is as down n’ dirty as it gets!
Xoxo  Vien
A few gurus I’ve found so far are:
Quick Guide
Make a Worm Farm
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