Sydney, June 5th 2021, 10:30am


I’m starting to blog again. Sydney is thankfully not in lock-down like Melbourne is but we’re on a knife’s edge. Any moment can swell into a few cases of COVID-19 and businesses will be shut. Families just want their kids back at school and to get on with life.


Seeing as it’s winter, I’d better drop some pearls for health.

Starting with sunshine or solar glory as Joel Salatin, the celebrated organic farmer, once said, get about 15mins each day for a boost to your self-esteem and immunity simultaneously. Do it in the morning (I know, common sense) upon waking and you’ll kick off the sleep faster. A few stretches of the hips, neck, chest and back or if you’re so inclined, 20 push-ups, sit ups and squats. Sunshine helps your body produce vitamin D, the all-powerful hormone that stimulates immunity, strengthens bone and  myriad other things. Michael Breus, author of The Power of When taught me this hack.

Secondly, drink tea. Swap out some coffee for tea to get the antioxidant benefits of green tea leaves – after all, all tea is from green leaves – it’s just the method of extraction and roasting that differentiates white from black and green. Sometimes I’ll drink coffee just for the aroma but it tends to just dehydrate me otherwise. Tea dehydrates too but at least I know I’m looking after my immunity. Dr William Li taught me this hack from his book Eat To Beat Disease

Thirdly, get some physical conditioning in – fancy word for workout. Body is unlike machine, so use it or lose it. My fiance was sick for 10+ days and counting. I did not catch it once off her…but maybe I’ve jinxed it now. I attribute it to recent jogging and gym. I’m not perfect, heck I just started running using the Nike app. I went slow at first. But it’s yielded 10x return. From running about 30mins a day, 3 times a week, I’ve been healthy for 24hrs x 10 days so far. Is that 10x? Whatever!