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Vien’s Choice of Immune Booster

People of late have been asking for one form or another of an immune booster. So I’m just going to list them all out for you! But….the most under-rated yet ...

By |August 30th, 2021|

Hallelujah! QR Scripts Accepted, Again.

After much heart-ache n back-n-forth with government red tape, we have finally got software for our QR scanners updated. What are QR scripts? They're digital QR codes sent to your ...

By |August 28th, 2021|

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Dial-a-Doc (scripts)

Finally, the doctor comes to you! In an Australia-first, we have Dial-A-Doc phone booths where you can sit in private and call/videocall a GP and get scripts sent immediately to us while-you-wait.

All those times when you needed a script but arrived without one, no more!

Next time you’re in-store, check it out, its right at the front!

Let’s grab coffee

1 on 1 Consults

Sit in with our holistic-focussed pharmacist, Vien, for a discussion about anything that concerns your health. Vien is passionate about gut health, childhood allergies, hormone imbalance, and women’s health.

Having done his internship at a compounding pharmacy, he has extensive experience with nuanced health concerns so that we can catch things early and nip it in the bud.

Far from being a regular pharmacy, Canterbury Late Night Pharmacy also has premium grade supplements, and natural alternatives to the usual big-box retailers meaning you have greater choice in your health decisions.